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Friday, January 21, 2011

Trinity's Valentine's Day Portiraits

Wednesday night, I took Trinity's Valentine's Day pictures. I'll just tell you, she is a challenge. She is giving me much, much practice! She can be smiling from ear to ear and when she sees a camera that smile instantly turns into a frown. And not only a frown, most of the time, tears!

I now have studio lighting and 3 new backdrops (a red, light blue, and light pink) so I love getting to practice using them! Studio lighting gives you way more options than just sun light.

Here are the portraits, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

(I guess she wanted me to see her teeth!)

A smile!!!

I spoke too soon!

She is rotten!

Ain't she an angel?


  1. These are beautiful! She is a doll...and love her outfits.

  2. she takes good pictures sorry i havent commented on your blogs lol

  3. SO CUTE!! Isn't studio lighting a blast? I love it. I need to pull mine out more often. You are so on the ball! I ALWAYS do a Vday session with my girls, but usually on Vday!! Ü

  4. Loved the pillowcase dress. Trinity is beautiful when she smiles or cries (I'm a little biased)Ivy is a great photographer. She took my daughter's pics a few months ago. LOVED THEM!!!

  5. Super cute pics Ivy i love your email updates ! i always check them out !