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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Trinity's 18 Month Photography Session

Here is my little girl, all grown up and she is now 18 months! Actually she is 19 months, but last month was busy, busy so these are really 19 month pictures! Anyway, she is a challenge to say the least when it comes to taking her pictures. She done really good during her Easter pictures but I think it was because she was outside and was able to run around. So here she is at 18 (19) months!

Also, I just wanted to say that I have several new backdrops. I have royal blue, hot pink, and white and also this black and white damask that I used for some of the pictures in this session. In the last 2 pictures I used the new hot pink backdrop.

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  1. I love Trinity's hair! Some good pics here.

  2. Oh my WORD! I love that damask backdrop combined with that little suitcase! She's adorable and the pictures are awesome. Wish you were close enough to snap some of my kiddos :).