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Monday, May 23, 2011

Trinity's Many Dresses

My little girl, Trinity, has a bunch of clothes. Way too many probably :) But it is so much fun to dress her up! I love it! However, with all these clothes, I have a few favorites.

I have anyways had little outfits that I loved for Trinity to wear, but I never got a good picture of her in them. The pictures that I have of her in those outfits are just snap shots. And I regret that because now she can't fit into them and I'll never be able to see her in them again. And that make me very sad :(

So, I decided to take her picture in a few of my favorite dresses she has right now. Most of the dresses are similar and most of them I made! I didn't make the first 3 but I made the last 6. I love making her things! Enjoy!

This was the only time Trinity has worn this dress. I only took pictures of her in it because I am thinking about (maybe) starting an Etsy store one of these days and I'll probably sell this dress. I needed pictures of it to advertise :)

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