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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

30 Day Phot Challenge - Day 12

Day 12: Movement

When I saw the topic for today, I knew just what I would get a picture of. My little girl! She is constantly on the move. It's so hard to get her picture sometimes, okay all the time, because she won't sit still. I am grateful that she is a mover though because she has been sick the past couple of days and hasn't felt like moving very much. She feels a lot better today! Praise the Lord!

This is a picture of her and our dog, Dottie, chasing me! I love it!

If you want to join in on this photo challenge, visit Blessed Beyond Words here.


  1. this has been so fun getting to know other photographers, my comments may be lacking for a while as I'm shipping out with the Navy for 4 weeks as a medical volunteer. Love the action in your shot.

  2. what a fun shot. Of course you did have that adorable little one for a model

  3. Chasing dottie, who's chasing you... indeed she can move! I'm glad she's feeling better.